Summer New York Fitness Programs

Yoga Practitioners Greet Summer Solstice In Times SquareNew York fitness programs over the summer are currently in full swing for both adults and children. There are many free ones available too.

Union Square offers yoga, CrossFit and running at different times of the day, instructed and sponsored by Fitlst and Lole. New Yorkers can get in their exercise at Bari, Body Conceptions, Flywheel, Uplift and others. For New York fitness outdoors lovers, Yogamaya is located on 14th Street Park every Wednesday.

Shape Up NYC offers dance classes every Sunday, sponsored by NYC Parks, Equinox, NYC Service and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. Free classes throughout the five boroughs are available on a first come, first served basis.

Next on the summer New York fitness programs is the free yoga class given by YogaWorks in conjunction with Athleta which provides the mats at Bleecker Street studio. Sacred Sounds Yoga also offers yoga for children on a Wednesday morning. There are also free classes in Astoria Park and Gantry Plaza State Park so there’s no excuse for anyone to miss a yoga session!

NYC Parks are a perfect summer location for free New York fitness programs. Check out what is available at the times most convenient to you and start getting in shape in New York this summer!

Resorts for Healing Properties

healing-holeFor New Yorkers looking to combine their healing process with a vacation, a resort hotel far away from it all may be the answer. Or, at least the beginnings of one.

Find a place off the beaten track that no one knows about. Look for fresh water – comprised of healing minerals – into the pool when the tides go out. Some of the minerals include sulfur and lithium, both known for their healing properties. For example, when one is sulfur-deficient, they can experience pain and inflammation of various muscles and it is also present in insulin, helping to promote proper sugar utilization. Lithium is used to treat depression and anxiety and is often used as an anti-aging treatment. These healing waters have also been known to clear poison ivy and tick bites almost immediately. Say bye-bye to irritating bugs common to hot environments like the Bahamas and find a place where no man has gone, or at least not many of them have ventured!

Getting away from it all is a fun vacation for sure. But for those New Yorkers stressed out on life, looking for a little bit of healing at the same time, once there, taking a trip to this “natural wonder” can ultimately become a life-changing experience as well.

Health, Secrets & The Presidency

In the world of instant gratification, social media and know-all press, it is fascinating to look back at times that were so different. Today, a President would have a very difficult time keeping anything from the press and the public. But this was not the case with President Glover Cleveland in 1893.

President Cleveland, discovering that he had oral cancer, managed to keep this from the public. In June of 1893, Cleveland was told that his malignancy would require the removal of his left upper jawbone immediately. Understandably, he did not want to scare the public that had just lived through Grant’s death from the same cancer, and so he kept it from the public.

On July 1, 1893, he had the surgery and then stayed in his summer home for five weeks to heal. He had an artificial jaw prosthesis and returned to the yacht for a second round of surgery. He eventually returned to Washington and continued with his Presidency.

On the one year anniversary of his surgery, he sent a secret letter to his surgeon, Dr. Joseph D. Bryant. Housed at the Shapell Manuscript Foundation, the letter reads:

Perhaps it has not occurred to you that this is rather an interesting anniversary. I don’t know that it ought to occur to you with the same depth of feeling that it does to me. At any rate I want to remind you that you and I were on the Oneida one year ago today – both feeling very different from what we do today and I guess you the most anxious of the two… I must tell you another coincidence. Dr. Keen called on me and examined me with the greatest satisfaction… He never tires of speaking of the splendor and success of your job. He has really made me think that my very dear medical friend is a good deal of a chap. But I only want to remind you of the anniversary…

President Cleveland’s cancer never returned and he died 14 years later of heart failure. No one ever spoke of the situation until 1917.

Cleveland died fourteen years later of heart failure. His cancer never returned, and no one involved in its removal, spoke a word of it until 1917.