New York’s New Wellness Products

feminineFirst up is Lo Bosworth’s Love Wellness, “a line of 100 percent natural and OB/GYN-approved feminine wellness and hygiene products,” that emerged from Bosworth’s personal frustrations with inadequate service from this part of the health industry. Saying that it’s much more than just a case of splitting women up into “good/bad plumbing,” her products aim to deal with “yeast infections, BV, funny smells, and UTIs.”

Included in the Love Wellness products are: The Killer ($24), a suppository made with boric acid to balance pH, Good Girl Probiotics (designed to balance the gut – a very common issue females encounter) and the Perfect Condition Vitamin (to destroy yeast on a cellular level). The downtown Manhattan living Bosworth explains how with pH out of whack, infections are much more likely. Using a design that is minimalist with subtle packaging, Bosworth explains how these products will not attract any unwanted attention.

Elsewhere in the city, Boxed Wholesale – is slashing its tampon and pad prices along with other female hygiene items in order to encourage manufacturers and legislators to repeal the taxes. This was partly in response to findings from a study of gender pricing in New York City which discovered that feminine hygiene products cost around 7 percent more than those for their male counterparts.