New York Wellness

wellnessNew York Wellness continues to thrive thanks to Esprit Wellness.  This complete outpatient practice that seeks to provide holistic care and treatment for patients, is currently marking over 15 years of practice in Manhattan.  Somewhat unique to the region, the center offers cutting-edge treatments such as Active Release and Graston Techniques. Esprit Wellness also boasts top equipment for its clientele that requires integral pain relief and rehabilitative facilities, providing top level care and escalating overall New York wellness to all those who use it.

The Active Release Technique uses soft tissue management in the hope of assisting with trauma, repetitive stress, and connective tissue developed adhesions in an attempt to restore muscle function to enable the body to perform at improved levels.  This is particularly beneficial to patients who require a long time to recover.

The Graston Technique reduces the time needed for treatment to ensure the patient’s speedy recovery. It also decreases the need for anti-inflammatory medication by engaging in everyday activities. The Graston Technique provides advantages to the patient as well as employers by keeping the patient on the job and reducing healthcare costs throughout treatment.

Ultimately, Esprit Wellness is working toward the constant improvement of New York wellness by promoting an understanding of how crucial it is to engage in an active lifestyle with physical therapy.  There is also a focus on working with matters such as scoliosis as well as other chronic conditions.  Working in these ways persistently ensures quality of life and well-being – the ultimate goal of Esprit Wellness.