New York’s Anti-Smoking Campaign

anti-smokingDepending on where one lives in America, there are different policies and campaigns focusing on anti-smoking. It seems that New York may have a way to go vis-à-vis promoting anti-smoking, according to a recent report put out by the American Cancer Society. Each state should be working on screenings, smoking bans, tobacco taxes, and more. New York seems to have been reported as doing well vis-à-vis breast and cervical cancer screening endeavors, but it has been advised that it should bring back funds for programs that restrict smoking areas. According to the Cancer Action Network, approximately 107,000 New Yorkers will be diagnosed with cancer this year and for 35,000 it will be fatal.

But it’s not just New York that should be ashamed of its lackluster anti-tobacco campaign. Iowa has what to answer for as well. Currently, the state is spending a mere $5.1 million on its anti-smoking efforts, but according to Iowa Tobacco Prevention Alliance board member Jeneane Moody, federal experts believe this figure should be $30 million per year on anti-tobacco efforts. A staggering $90 million is spent by tobacco companies annually on Iowa marketing.

Moving on to Florida, it seems Iowa and New York can take a few lessons. The Florida Department of Health’s (FDOH) Tobacco Free Florida campaign has aggressive commercials depicting the human impact of smoking as part of a comprehensive program. It bases these on ads that have successfully run in other countries and have been positive. Because of Florida’s work in this realm, the results have been great. There has been reduction of 500,000 adult smokers in the state since 2007 and 72,000 people have quit with the 3 Ways to Quit services Florida has provided.

So for New Yorkers to get healthier as a state, a lesson or two could be learned from how Florida is attacking the smokers’ habits in the state.