Resorts for Healing Properties

healing-holeFor New Yorkers looking to combine their healing process with a vacation, a resort hotel far away from it all may be the answer. Or, at least the beginnings of one.

Find a place off the beaten track that no one knows about. Look for fresh water – comprised of healing minerals – into the pool when the tides go out. Some of the minerals include sulfur and lithium, both known for their healing properties. For example, when one is sulfur-deficient, they can experience pain and inflammation of various muscles and it is also present in insulin, helping to promote proper sugar utilization. Lithium is used to treat depression and anxiety and is often used as an anti-aging treatment. These healing waters have also been known to clear poison ivy and tick bites almost immediately. Say bye-bye to irritating bugs common to hot environments like the Bahamas and find a place where no man has gone, or at least not many of them have ventured!

Getting away from it all is a fun vacation for sure. But for those New Yorkers stressed out on life, looking for a little bit of healing at the same time, once there, taking a trip to this “natural wonder” can ultimately become a life-changing experience as well.