Inger Loftheim Rood: Putting the Customer First

inger-loftheim-roodAccording to Collegis Education writer, Megan Ruesink, “customer service….is certainly becoming more important in the wake of healthcare reform.” Plus, there has been a greater focus on customer service in healthcare industry from the federal government. Today, healthcare providers and business executives are making this a high priority. Therefore, individuals like Inger Loftheim Rood, VP and Chief of Staff for the Office of the CEO at Florida Blue, are increasingly making customer service a priority in their work too.

In fact, Loftheim Rood was endorsed for this attribute by Frederick Schremp, CLU, Senior Vice President at CBIZ. He described her as “exceptionally effective senior director with great C suite potential. [She] demonstrates extraordinary customer service focus, health care delivery expertise and personnel management skills.”

The idea of healthcare efficiency was echoed by Matthew J Miller, president of Brainspires Inc. He recently pointed out that: “From a hospital president on down the chain of command, all staff are encouraged to provide proactive and positive interaction with hospital visitors, including patients and anyone else roaming the halls.”

This information is important also for the patient. Those individuals who are looking for top class service in the healthcare industry today, can expect good customer service, as endorsed by individuals such as Inger Loftheim Rood and Matthew J. Miller, amongst others.

New York Doctors to Help Ebola Crisis?

CuomoWith the increasing Ebola crisis in West Africa, Governor Andrew Cuomo is working on encouraging New York doctors to go out and help. He is working on an incentive package, coordinating with hospitals, health care organizations, etc. So important is this to the Governor that he has even committed to “pay and provide financial incentives, similar to what has been done with military reservists.

America is known for this kind of action. Just look at Haiti’s earthquake of 2010, followed by the cholera crisis, that saw thousands of doctors and medical staff come to offer assistance.

What’s potentially different about this particular health crisis is the fear that it is coming to America as well, as has been discussed especially with regards to the recent Texan case. But Cuomo already has a policy in place to deal with that; quarantining returning medical helpers – at home – for 21 days as a preventive measure.