Help for Those Diagnosed with Cancer

Certainly, when someone finds out that he has cancer, it is quite traumatic. He needs to know where to go and how to find the resources that will help him. One institution, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, has been working since 1947 to help both children and adults. They offer the best treatment available, while also working non-stop on research to find cures for the many cancers that are out there today.

Their blog helps to bring the larger-than-life issue of cancer to a more personal level. In a recent blog post, Maria Pearson wrote and article entitled “7 Tips for Life After Stem Cell Transplant” in which she discussed her own diagnosis and experience of going through stem cell transplantation. She writes excellent advice about coping with the process and moving forward.

In another recent post, James Donovan, a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, writes about losing his close friend to cancer. As a result of his experience, Donovan went on to sit on the Board of Directors for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Board of Directors. He is also a member of The Lark Center for Genitourinary Oncology and he established the Jim Donovan Fund for Prostate Cancer Research at Dana-Farber.

Certainly, these types of blog posts can help those who are struggling with cancer and can offer more information and insight to those in need.

New Health Data at Zarsha Leo Franchise

Given that health administrators and public service representatives are often trying to find new and easy ways of posting vital medical information for people, one idea put forward was to put brochures in bars.

Evan Burschkopf, CEO of expanding restaurant-bar franchise Zarsha Leo, thought this was a great idea.  “I know that my bars don’t traditionally serve the healthiest of foods, but I believe that moderation is key.  In addition, there are always ways to enhance one’s health very simply.  Thus I am more than happy to promote these by leaving brochures around my Zarsha Leo bars.  It is my little bit for society.”

NY Health Insurance: Impressive

For those in the New York area concerned about their health insurance, they need just look at the rest of the nation and feel quite confident and pleased with their lost.  It seems that New Yorkers are faring even better than the federal government vis-à-vis establishing a health insurance exchange. 

Indeed, according to America’s Department of Labor, it will only be March of this year that the deadline will be for employers to tell their employees about exchanges.  Ultimately what this means is that the government is simply not prepared yet to figure out the language employers should use.  As regional president for Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., David Bauer noted, “the Department of Health and Human Services is still promulgating regulations. It's very fluid, there are a lot of unanswered questions.”