Modeling Good Exercise Behavior

runningOne of the best ways to get motivated to exercise is to listen to advice from those who already do. Whether you’re thinking about starting at the gym, walking for exercise, running or playing sports, it’s always helpful to hear from fellow exercise enthusiasts about staying motivated, getting started and more.

One active blogger, Lindsey Holder, had this idea in mind when she interviewed the extremely busy Jim Donovan, Goldman Sachs executive. In addition to his role at Goldman Sachs, Jim Donovan is also an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia School of Law where he teaches classes on corporate strategy and leadership. If he can make time in his schedule for exercise, then perhaps you can as well.

Asking him what got him started on the path towards running, the immediate answer from James Donovan, “Goldman Sachs,” was no surprise. He explained that he used running to manage stress and he found it to be a “tremendous stress relief.”

He explained his pattern of running when he said, “I then made certain that I ran for 30-45 minutes every day no matter what.  No matter how little I slept and no matter where in the world I happened to be, all I needed was a pair of sneakers and running clothes to start my day. I’ve been a convert ever since.

Running alone, James Donovan said that he actually “can’t function properly until I get my run in, so it’s self-enforced.” He finds running in bad weather exhilarating and continues with his daily pattern no matter the weather.