The Flu Shot Returns

According to health officials, the flu season has already returned, and with it the flu shot dilemma.

This year’s vaccine provides protection from both A and B influenza viruses, as well as the H1N1 strain, which is commonly known as “swine flu.”

Jennifer King, a spokesperson for the North Georgia Health District, said “As of now, we’re not aware of any unusual flu activity for our area; however, that status could change at any time.”

She added that the unpredictable nature of the flu is “all the more reason why it’s important residents protect themselves against the flu by getting vaccinated and by maintaining proper hygiene such as frequent hand washing, keeping hands away from the face, and covering coughs and sneezes.”

Other experts, such as Dr. Amy Hardin believe that “now is the perfect time” to be vaccinated. The vaccine takes two to three weeks to effectively immunize the body, and so it is wise to begin the process before the flu gets a strong hold on the season.

Clinics throughout New York and beyond are now fully stocked with the flu vaccine, and are offering them to all patients.