NYC’s Mosquito Season

mosquitoHow is New York going to deal with the mosquito season that is about to start in April? It’s so much more than just mosquitoes. With the fear of the Zika virus they carry, NYC officials are working very hard. Mosquito experts were called in for consultation by the New York City Department of Health to devise a plan to fight the possible spread of this virus.

However, New Yorkers do not need to run and hide just yet. Thankfully, there have been no known Zika cases in NYC, according to Dr. Mary Basset, Health Commissioner. The kind of mosquito that usually spreads the virus can more often be found in Latin America and the Caribbean; it does not live in this region.

But Basset noted that its cousin – the Asian tiger mosquito – does appear in NYC. It usually breeds in very small water collections, she said. Given that fact, she is trying to encourage those who live in the city to get rid of all standing water they find on their property which could become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

For pregnant women of course, contracting the Zika virus can be even more problematic. Hence, as per Gov. Cuomo’s request, pregnant women in the region whose sexual partners have traveled to countries that have been affected by the virus, will be eligible for free tests for the infection.