Patients Medical and Daniel Amen Affiliation


A new affiliation has been reached between Patients Medical and Dr. Daniel Amen.  Patients Medical is a top integrative medical center in New York.  Dr. Daniel Amen is a brain imaging expert, psychiatrist and best-selling author.  The idea is that Dr. Amen will give advice to the Brain Wellness department at Patients Medical as well as lead programs that can diagnose and treat brain imbalances that result in poor health and reduced quality of life.

Dr. Amen boasts experience in overall wellness which is very suitable for the center’s holistic mission.  It will allow the center to expand its treatment scope to include brain health and hormone balancing.  This new affiliation is a natural next step from Vivian DeNise, an Integrative Physician and Certified Amen-Affiliated Education Doctor, who has already been working at the center, practicing Amen’s approach.  She has worked with patients who have a variety of disorders including ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.  She thus believes that the new affiliation – together with the use of SPECT scans – will be a great way to more accurate diagnose patients and thereafter develop a customized treatment plan for them.