New York Fitness: Trampolining

trampoliningNew York fitness is taking a new direction.  Instead of regular exercise, New Yorkers who want to get – and stay – in shape, are turning to trampoline yoga.  Bill Hedberg, Director of the Shen Tao Studio in the Flatiron District, is using trampolines to get his class in shape.

This New York fitness craze has hit the stars as well. Throughout the nation, this type of new fitness is taking off at the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park (LA) and the Sky Zone (Buffalo), that witnessed Julianne Hough and Amanda Bynes respectively.  Alexandra Perez is behind this, being the founder of the Bari Studio, Tribeca.  He explained the benefits of the exercise:  “When you’re bouncing, at the very top of your movement, there’s zero gravity.  And at the very bottom of your movement, you weigh four times your weight, so it’s very different from anything else on the ground or in the water.” As well, “you produce a lot more endorphins when you’re bouncing. So it’s fun. Your lymphs produce a hormone that makes you happier. It’s the same reason kids love to jump on the bed.”