Satisfying ‘So[u]l Sips’

What happens when a struggling student wants to find a way for locals to be able to access “healthy, delicious and affordable vegan food”?  The Bushwick plant-based restaurant Sol Sips; brainchild of entrepreneur Francesca “Sol” Chaney who is just 21 years old.

While studying at Brooklyn College, the pre-health profession/anthropology student Chaney – who was also working as a doula – found that juggling her busy life was not exactly conducive to accessing healthy vegan food.  So she began by making her own meal on-the-go smoothies which gave her more energy. Also, in 2015 – while working at her cousin’s apothecary – she started making herbal tea blends and elixirs to enhance her own wellness.  Thereafter she presented her Sol Sips drinks to the community and has since developed her own signature twist on these beverages.

In 2017 she was presented with opening a local pop-up café, but this went on to be way more than a 3 month stint, becoming her permanent home with her nutritionist mum Emeli as her partner.

What is now offered includes healthy vegan staples for reasonable prices between $7-15 such as: vegan omelets, soups and wraps (as well as the beverages).