When Healthcare Became Political

healthcareExpenditure on healthcare in the US increased “at the fastest pace since President Barack Obama took office.” This was explained by Obamacare and “zooming prescription drug costs.” Prior to Obamacare, the country encountered five years of “historically low growth.” The Department of Health and Human Services undertook a study that found Obamacare just hasn’t been the solution to health expenditure. Indeed, spending on healthcare increased at a faster rate than the entire economy, getting up to 17.5 percent of GDP.

In other news, in Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo requested that health care experts and stakeholders construct a plan to keep health care spending in check by putting a cap on all health care spending.

Perhaps if sodium was reduced at New York eateries, the citizens would not require quite so much healthcare. Currently NYC is encountering a fight in which it may be forced to post warnings on dishes with a high level of sodium. New York has already banned trans fats and calorie counts are posted on menus. Sugary drink volumes remain uninhibited, but in general there seems to be a direction toward healthier food options replacing unhealthy ones in the city’s eateries.