2018: New York’s Wackier Wellness Waves

If 2017 wasn’t wacky enough in New York with weird and wonderful wellness trends, 2018 will surely not disappoint.  According to a list recently published by Well and Good, we’re taking it to the next level.

Some of the weirder ideas include: moon sound baths with a tracking of lunar cycles for more targeted “predictions” for horoscopes, a drink of moringa (a complete protein plant) to fight anti-aging (as it supports longer telomere compounds).

Then there are the pretty tame suggestions of home workouts being better than those that happen at a fitness studio.  But it’s not just putting on a workout video.  It’s a streaming workout where companies like Peloton are bringing the workout into your home.  Get on your bike and enjoy the spin classes without having to worry if you’ve shaved your armpits.

It’s cheaper too.  Given that a cardio trampoline can be purchased for a mere $100 with training sessions beginning at as low as $10, there’s no longer the excuse that it’s too expensive to get trim.

And let’s not forget nutrition.  Nut milk yogurts seem to be all the rage as they are bursting with probiotics and protein without any of the oft-problematic dairy issues.

The only comment left to make is, dare we ask what 2019 will look like…?