Making New York Fitness More Accessible

modelfitOne common complaint (aka excuse) people have for not exercising and getting fit is lack of accessibility. New York fitness has addressed that issue by putting a gym inside an Albany supermarket. The idea for this was initiated from a meeting between the local YMCA, Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan and Hannaford which together wanted to “improve the area’s health while also being convenient, accessible and free.”

New York fitness classes are becoming increasingly popular at the gym-supermarket. Featuring stationary bicycles, treadmills, cardio machines and a Zumba room, grocery shoppers can lose weight and get in shape just before they shop for groceries. In addition, those who use the gym are not forced to use the supermarket; all they need to do is complete some paperwork on their first visit and then get fobs to swipe when they stop by. To date, more than 1,100 people have signed up.

According to NPD Group Harry Balzer, this is a great idea:

“All of us eat and 63 percent of us say we exercise on a weekly basis. I have a ready and willing market with six out of 10 people who walk in the door, but the point that’s most salient is free. I know of nothing that will change your behavior faster than money. Will it last? That’s the question.”

In other news, for those New Yorkers looking for something a little bit more hip, there is also the new ModelFIT studio, New York fitness’ answer to working out with models. For just $40 and a pair of working sneakers, even the most non-famous people can sweat it out with the stars in the city that never sleeps.