Medical Marijuana in New York

marijuanaMedical marijuana has long been hailed as a solution to many health issues.  Moreover, it is fast becoming known as a great way of enhancing general health.  With its healing benefits and limited side effects, the nation is fast realizing how many benefits there are to this medical solution.

Now, it seems that New York is getting on the bandwagon as well.  While medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, other states quickly caught on.  And now in New York, the state is set to relax its laws on prescribing marijuana, permitting home delivery and to take additional steps to expand its medical cannabis program.

Last month the New York Department of Health actually recommended New York increase its access to the program, since currently it is one of the most restrictive in America.  Dr. Howard Zucker, Health Commissioner explained that they are: “constantly evaluating the program to make it more effective for patients and practitioners, and [they] believe that the implementation of these recommendations will do just that.”

The longer term goal for New York is the review of additional companies selling medical cannabis which will manufacture and distribute it for them.  Right now, the limit of companies is five.