New Jersey’s Best Doctors

Being hit with the news that you (or a loved one) has cancer is undoubtedly overwhelming.  So when it comes to accessing the best medical treatment, what resources are available to facilitate this process? The New Jersey Monthly Magazine’s annual report on Top Doctors is a good place to start.  In 2016 the journal approached over 24,000 doctors in New Jersey with the question: “Which of your fellow practitioners do you consider as New Jersey’s best doctors?”

As such 1,069 Top Doctors (as selected by their colleagues) were included in the magazine.  One of these was Kenneth Nahum who has received the award various times in the past as well (including: 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012).  A specialist in hematology/oncology, Nahum is affiliated at both CentraState Medical Center and Jersey Shore University Medical Center.  He participates in cancer research trials and treats patients for a variety of cancers (breast, GI and lung in particular).

Another award winner in the same specialty (hematology/oncology) in 2016 was Myron E. Bednar, MD.  A second-time winner (the first being in 2011), he has been reputed to provide the “highest-quality cancer care in a compassionate manner.” Like Nahum, he too, participates in cancer research trials and seeks to offer patients new treatment options.

These are just two of many top hematology/oncology doctors caring for patients in the New Jersey area.  Having built up a reputation among trusted colleagues for their work and commitment to their patients, the New Jersey Monthly Magazine seems to be one place to start for those undergoing treatment.