Does Acupuncture Help with IVF?

Recent analysis of past research has revealed that acupuncture may in fact up the chances of successful IVF treatment. The method has been used throughout Chinese history as a means to treat all sorts of health problems.

The first study to imply that the practice may affect pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF took place in Germany ten years ago. Over the past decade, research implications have been relatively inconsistent.

Dr. Frederick Licciardi of the New York University Fertility Center’s mind and body program explained: “I counsel women that the literature is not convincing yet that (acupuncture) helps you get pregnant.”

He continued, saying that the center offers acupuncture sessions as well as other mind/body programs, like yoga, but that they focus mainly on easing stress and boosting ‘wellness,’ and not necessarily IVF success.

He believes that “if acupuncture helps you feel well, if it helps you get through the IVF, then great.”