New York Fitness: In Your Office!

exercise-sitting-ballPeople spend way too much time at the office.  And much of that time is spent sitting down, completely stagnant.  This is not good for overall health.  In fact, there is even a medical condition known as “sitting disease,” which is when people spend six or more hours of their day just sitting.   Further, for those concerned about if their “butt looks big in this,” Auburn University Exercise Physiologist Michelle Olson, Ph.D., found that “excessive sitting can flatten the buttocks.”  So it might be worth finding a solution for all those seemingly endless hours one is sitting at the office.

Well, now, thanks to Midtown Manhattan Core Club Trainer Josh Holland, this need no longer be the case.  Because he has brought in a large rubber ball to offices that can be used for “active sitting,” which is the latest mantra used in the New York fitness community.  Stability balls are thus becoming a trend in New York fitness promoting offices.  Indeed, Technogym’s Brand Ambassador Josh Holland uses the company’s $225 Wellness Ball.  This particular ball features a weighted bottom (to prevent rolling) QR code (to allow users to access exercise tutorials on smartphones/tablets).  Holland teaches those who want to stay in shape how to use the ball at their desks so that while they are sitting they can move.

Other items being introduced into offices with the same idea to promote New York fitness include: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (retailing at $100) Muvman stool from Aeris ($700), the Buoy stool ($200).  Some even claim that these exercise balls/chairs give them more toned abs.

Of course, the best thing to do while spending so much time at the office is to actually stop sitting for a while!  Every 20 minutes or so, get up from your desk and move around! That’s one way of preventing sitting disease.