When Fast Food Makes You Fit

vegetablesWhat an interesting phenomenon. Fast food making you fit. But these days, since that is what New Yorkers seem to want, that is what they are getting. So instead of French fries on the menu, you will probably have a “wastED salad,” made up of waste (such as broccoli stalks, cabbage cores, carrot peels, roasted bread heels) and other such stuff that is usually put in the “waste” pile.

Who would have thought – even just a few years ago – that after the sushi craze would come the waste craze with a side dressing of spicy pesto vinaigrette. Toss out your burgers and give me some scraps. Well, people who have been concerned for the environment for many years are now actually doing something about it in their everyday lives. And eateries are responding in kind. Five Guys, Shake Shack, Sweetgreen and more are putting these items on their menus. Highly processed foods are on the out.

However, American diners still want speed and convenience. So how do they match that with fast food? That is where the above eateries have found their niche. People today want it all: great, healthy food, that is fast and convenient. They want to know what is going into their food and are willing to pay more for what they view as healthier.