Ways to Reduce Waste

We can all help the environment in so many small ways without really feeling the impact in our own lives. How can we do this? We can consider the things that we throw out, reuse, recycle and purchase and try to make reductions wherever possible. Each of these steps can make a huge difference on landfills like the Bridgeton landfill if you think about it over a one week or one year (or many year) pattern.

Make sure that you purchase items that have been recycled whenever you can. This could include paper goods, clothing and more. You will help to reduce the impact that your purchases make on landfills.

Another creative suggestion is to clean with natural products. Rather than buying floor soap, tile cleaning, toilet bowl cleaner, counter cleaner and more, you can find ingredients in your house for natural cleaning supplies. You won’t be buying plastic bottles and purchasing more things that need to go into landfills.

Mysterious Illness Continues to Plague NY Teens

The mysterious illness, which includes a tic, twitching, fainting spells and verbal outbursts, has now spread to affect 14 girls and one boy from Le Roy NY High School. Environmentalist Erin Brockovich has now launched her own investigation.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYYK_0thajQ&w=560&h=315]