Going Vegan in New York City

Vegan Benefits and Problems

There are many advantages to going vegan, but there are also some potential problems with it.  On the pro side, vegans are definitely helping the environment and in many cases, studies have shown that they are significantly slimmer, and have better cholesterol and blood pressure levels than their non-vegan counterparts.  On the negative side, however, vegans run the risk of being deficient in Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D which increases their susceptibility to bone fractures.  This is due to the elimination of dairy in a vegan diet. Nonetheless, pro-vegans argue that this does not have to be the case since there is plenty of calcium in dark green leafy vegetables; soy; cereals; tofu; tahini, etc.

NYC Vegan Options

For those who have already decided it’s the new health path they want to take, should they want to dine out in New York City, what are their choices like?  There are online vegan restaurant guides for the area that provide listings via various categories.  These include:  the newest vegan restaurants; restaurants by price; neighborhood; level of “veganism”; cool features offered; price and more.  It provides a great resource that should be consulted on a regular basis for new updates.

Healthier Eating?

In addition, if you want to find out more about veganism (or at least vegetarianism) in New York City, check out the upcoming annual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival March 3rd to 4th.   For health benefits of this eating style, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)’s director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture, Dr. Michael Greger, will be one of the  main speakers.