New York Fitness: Checking in on our Pets

fitbarkNew York fitness is expanding to our pets.  Fitbark is a device that tracks a dog’s activity minute-by-minute.  Developed by Michael Chiang and Davide Rossi, according to Chiang it enables dog owners to “look through and see how their dog is doing at any moment of the day.”  Every movement the dog makes is recorded via the smartphone.  The reason it was developed, according to Rossi is to bridge the “communication gap” that currently exists between pets and their owners.

Fitbark is not so dissimilar to human health trackers, initially recording basic data such as breed, age and weight.  This enables pet owners to compare their pet’s behavioral patterns.  The device – that retails at around $100 – records when a dog is sleeping or just resting, or walking around, etc., breaking it down to the hour as well as providing a weekly report.

As Chiang explains, that what the device enables pet owners to do is to “quantify” their dogs.  “We call it quantified woof.”