The Center for Discovery’s Thanksgiving Farm

The Center for Discovery is a non-profit program working to provide disabled children and adults with education, health and residential services. Based in Harris, NY, the Center focuses on creative arts, recreational activities and healthy lifestyles to enrich the lives of its participants through personal accomplishment.

Patrick Dollard, Center for Discovery President and CEO, explains:

“The Center for Discovery is a unique place, and we brought together a lot of the human arts to care for people who are multiply disabled. We’re a place that we still imagine great possibilities for everybody. It’s really a connection to nature that is really essential, I think, for all our healing. Food became a really essential part of caring for folks, trying to create wellness and health, and not manage sickness.”

One of the Center’s projects is Thanksgiving Farm, an organic farm cared for by the Center’s residents. Here is a video that introduces the facility:

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

The Center for Discovery from The Center for Discovery on Vimeo.