eSafely Protecting Kids From Cyberbullying

According to a recent news article in NY1, cyberbullying has led to various teen suicide cases.

One thing parents and teachers can do is install an online filter.  eSafely protects children “against threat of cyber bullying by replacing harassing messages with friends icons in Facebook Chat.”  As well, it filters problematic Facebook images, avoiding exposure to adult content, guarding against the risk of a child inadvertently browsing an inappropriate site.  In addition, when eSafely is enabled, a page deemed inappropriate that is accessed will be loaded with child-friendly and suitable images.

Cyberbullying is a serious problem. It’s a way for bullies to attack and victimize kids.  Indeed, according to 14 year old Fouad Dakwar, these bullies “think they can say whatever they want because they have the protection of a screen so they end up saying really hurtful things.”

Parents who have daughters should be especially aware of the potential for cyberbully.  According to Dr. Marianne Chai, Medical Director of New York Center for Living, cyberbullying is more prevalent with girls.  In addition, the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey in 2011 reported that around 16 percent of high school students were the victims of cyberbullying.

With protection such as that offered by eSafely, much of this issue can be avoided.  eSafely’s browser add-on based parental control “keeps you safe where your web filter doesn’t.”