New York Health Goes Digital

hospitalThe New York Digital Health Accelerator was developed as a way of helping health IT start-ups present their product to customers.  The problem that these companies often encounter is a reluctance of doctors to pay or a product that is not exactly what the hospital originally intended.   With this in mind, New York health is being digitized to some extent.  Now, the Accelerator is inaugurating a class of 8 start-ups (that were selected from an original 250 applicants).

One of the winners was Aidin.  This organization provides assistance for hospitals to enable them to refer patients to the correct care facility after they are discharged.  Its service will be piloted at four hospitals. The New York City Investment Fund and the New York eHealth Collaborative got together to set up the accelerator, raising $4.2m from a variety of investors.  The mission of the accelerator is to respond to the needs of the state and healthcare providers.  Start-ups need a product that focuses on care coordination, patient engagement, message alerts or analytics. Right now, New York health is moving toward improved patient outcome which requires coordinating care among health care providers to prevent the likelihood of hospitalization.