New York Health and Climate Change

climate-changeAs well as being a communal concern, climate change can be a problem for one’s personal health. A study – researched over the last two decades – put together by the Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed the impact climate change has on health. Using air temperature data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (JAMA) National Climatic Data Center it found that by the year 2050, many US cities will be encountering many more days of high-heat temperatures.

Even more worryingly, the data found that in urban cities such as New York, figures for high-heat temperatures are likely to triple! The health implications of this are not good: potential respiratory disorders, heart issues, infectious diseases, mental health disorders that result from natural disasters and more. Indeed, one article in JAMA recently claimed that climate change is as “as threatening to our public health as lack of sanitation, clean water and pollution [were] in the 20th century.”

So it is worthwhile in the long run for the state of New York to make efforts to reduce climate change. That would thus in turn potentially reduce health problems for the state.