Caring for Caregivers

woman-158230_1280When family or friends end up bearing the brunt of caretaking for senior members in their inner circle, they can end up completely depleted themselves. They need help and support, especially if they are caring for them round the clock. Of course there are options, such as the Dry Harbor Nursing Home or the Village Adult Day Health Center in the New York area, that takes the burden away and provides tremendously top quality care for the elderly.

But for people who opt to take on the role of senior care-taking, they deserve some help. Thankfully, there are efforts being generated by lawmakers to provide this right now. For example, New York congresswoman Nita Lowey is working on promoting a law that would provide a Social Security credit to all those who have been forced to leave their job (or cut down their hours) in order to take care of a family member.

To try to encourage other legislators to support this, Lowey pointed out that America has 65 million unpaid caregivers. These people end up losing an average of $324,000 in pay and benefits over a lifetime.

These caregivers are seriously doing the work of angels. However they are human. They need to be compensated. It is also essential that they do not neglect their own health as the potential for burnout in this role is extremely high. Lowey has made a real step in the right direction.