Athletic Injuries in New York City

Sports injuries are a becoming an increasingly serious issue in New York City. Children, amateurs and professionals are all in danger of harming themselves while participating in many athletic activities. Children playing on their own, or even in an organized league, are often susceptible to such injuries, as are professional athletes in leagues such as the NFL.

Sports injuries are injuries that occur due to sports accidents, misconducted training practices, faulty equipment, lack of conditioning , insufficient warm ups and/or stretches, or overuse. Several aspects of the body can be damaged during sports or exercise, but the term ‘sports injury’ generally refers to an injury which involves the musculoskeletal system. This includes muscles, bones, and associated tissue such as cartilage or ligaments. Some injuries occur immediately, while others are a gradual weakening of tissue over long periods of time. Head trauma is also a common sports injury, and many organizations work to promote awareness of its dangers.


Sports injuries can often be treated by orthopedists; doctors who specialize in the bones and the musculoskeletal system. Sports doctors are also more than qualified to identify and treat sports injuries. Rest and physical therapy are often integral to the body’s recovery, and it is important to allow an injury to heal for the recommended time before engaging in additional athletic activities. Severe injuries are often accompanied by intense pain, which can linger for weeks, and athletes often require the help of a pain specialist as well as a sports doctor. Doctors such as Harvey Finkelstein MD and Dr. Douglas Allen are experienced pain specialists who treat all sorts of cases in the New York area, including sudden and chronic injuries in athletes.